Fall Brook

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Watercolor, 15″x22″, matted  for 18″x24″ frame.

One of our first trips looking for golden leaves in the fall was to a small town of Quincy in North California. We drove there a few hours in the end of October. The town was quiet and lovely, and we found a place to stay in the old bed and breakfast Victorian house with large fireplace.  The major attraction of this town turned out to be one large maple tree, kind of the town, turning beautiful scarlet and golden colors in this time of the year. We admired it for a while and then set out hiking in the forests around town.

We explored trails along this small brook and had an interesting meeting there.  A young girl, very friendly, talked to us, and we asked where she would recommend to hike. The conversation turned when she found our we speak Russian. She excitedly shared that her sister-in-law is from Russia and would be happy to talk to us. So she proceeded to invite us to visit her family this evening. She said that her family, Shea, is prominent in Quincy and has harvest celebration that day. We were hesitant but she was sure we must come.

So we did. We drove to the address the girl provided. It was the road carrying the family name that lead to a large farm with several houses. It turned out the houses belonged to the grown up children of the founding couple which all lived together on the farm and lead family business. Indeed, it was fine to come to the celebration, since it turned out that pretty much the whole town was there, invited.

We found the girl we met and she introduced us to her parents, brothers, and her sister-in-law who we indeed chatted with in Russian. The celebration was grand, with ton of food, hay wagon rides for kids, horse rides. There was also an old firetruck that the owner bought for himself and the kids could explore.