End of Summer. Ready.

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Acrylic on cradled board, painted around the edge, 24″x30″x1.5″.

Part of the End of Summer Series.


Even though it’s summer, the ski lifts in Austrian Alps in countless small towns still work. You can get on the lift and fly up, into open sunny sky.  On top of the mountain, I watched people taking off with paragliders. They pick up the gear, run, catch the gentle uplifting air draft, and seemingly without effort  glide off, over green mountain slopes, slowly melting into the distance.

Even though I am grown up, I still sometimes fly in my dreams. It’s not with wings or an engine, but purely with willpower. I need to concentrate and then I can lift up, but if I loose the concentration, I loose the height.  My husband says that his flying dreams are the same, I wonder how it is for other people?

There, on top of the mountain, we walked along narrow paths among grass, flowers and blackberries and around small lakes just a few steps across, reflecting all the blue vastness of the sky. Standing there, I felt as if I can take just one step, and fly, just like I fly in my dreams, without any heavy awkward gear.

It’s important to notice these happy minutes, not let them pass by without appreciating every one, because if I loose the concentration, loose the awareness, I am really loosing part of my life.