Cambria Dragon

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Acrylic on canvas, 24″x48″

This painting is born from our RV trip in November 2019.  It’s our 3rd RV trip, the laziest one. We only went down Central coast in California, at most 4 hours drive from home. Last part of our trip we spend in Cambria and went on hike along the beach one of the evenings.

Central coast made a huge impression on me, much more than similar vistas near San Francisco, maybe because it felt so much more wild. I made my husband stop at almost every parking along the road just to see another jagged turn of the coastline. It is wind, space, endless water and sky. For some reason it conjured visions of someone huge, like dragons flying somewhere beyond clouds and distant mountains.

Longer version of our trip description is in my post here.

So, can you find a dragon?

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