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Acrylic on cradled board, 24″x48″x2.5″ painted around the edges.

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In the March when COVID hit, my daughter started to keep a journal. In her earlier entries she described how her life changed with quarantine and how she is trying to stay balanced. Everything looks good from the outside, but inside she feels like a tightrope walker. Some days are good, sun shines brightly, people smile around her, and everything feels good. And other days it’s darker, and she feels precarious walking her personal invisible rope. She also talked about her dear friend how he lends her a hand and helps to stay balanced.

It struck me that this is a very descriptive metaphor.  We all walk through life trying to stay balanced in spite of stress, worries and problems. And sometimes it feels like we are ready to fall in the vast open space underneath our feet, even though for all means and purposes we are standing on solid ground.

In this painting I aim to capture this feeling of precariousness of our mental balance we might experience in tough circumstances. Everyone has his or her personal rope to navigate life and it’s important not to walk alone and to have loved ones to support and be supported.