Night Meadow

Acrylic on canvas board, 16×20.

This place is completely imaginary. I was trying to capture warm summer night, full of fragrant flowers and vast starry night somewhere in the hills. Might be a medieval town not far away.

I see it being somewhere in Spain, or Italy. I imagine myself walking barefoot in grass, feeling prickly grass blades. The air is ringing with the sounds of summer, chorus of crickets and night birds’ songs.

When I painted it several years ago, I was very unwell, recovering after hospital stay. My husband took our visiting grandma and kids on a trip, and I stayed with my parents to recover, because I could not go with my family. But on the flip side I suddenly got all this time to paint, and paint I did from an early morning till almost midnight. I painted three paintings in the week I had.

This painting represents our freedom to dream and power of our thoughts to break away from bleak environment and our weaknesses.

Another reason this piece is so special for me is because it’s the first painting I did completely from my imagination not using any references at all. It’s very hard to do, at least for me, to be able to see things in my mind’s eye so clearly that I could paint them. I am still learning from this painting and it will stay for now in my personal collection.

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