ArtWalk and Mural painting

In October I participated in ArtWalk in Livermore. It was a scaled down version of the regular ArtWalk, tents further apart, everyone in masks and keeping the distance. Most people hesitated to enter my tent, hovering outside and peeking in. Most would step in after invitation, but many just waved, smiled shyly and hurried away.

Disappointingly, I had very few real conversations with visitors, but made up for that by talking with fellow artists. Towards the end of the fair, my husband came to bring me lunch and then substituted for me in the tent letting me to make a round.

One of the conversations I had was with ArtWalk organizers Anne Giancola. It was very interesting to find out that she is a muralist and I asked her if I could join her on the job to see how she works. Since I like painting large, doing a mural was something I wanted to try for a while. She was not only very kind to agree, but actually contacted me a couple days later to let me know when and where she is going to paint this week. So I joined her and her partner Vera Lowdermilk for two days painting a wall in Tasty Indian Pizza in Sunnyvale. The mural had the assembly of Bollywood actors.

I had a blast. I think it was the first time for me painting in a team, usually it’s a solitary job doing my own paintings. But both ladies are great, and I enjoyed working with them. It’s also quite physically demanding job, no wonder they are so fit!

Here are day 1 photos.

And day 2 photos

Video of the finished mural, made by Anne Giancola

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