Pleasanton. Friday night.

Main Street Brewery, Pleasanton, CA

Like many towns around, Pleasanton closes its Main Street on the weekends to allow restaurants to spread tables out. It looks really festive! People dress up and walk to downtown, talk, eat and dance. This is Main Street Brewery.

It makes us feel happy and we tend to go into downtown on weekend evenings, music reaches our house and calls, like a magnet. Some street artists and musicians brave performance outside. There is music from every door. Passing an Italian restaurant another day I heard Toto Cutugno’s song playing, one of my favorite musicians, almost forgotten. I did not believe my ears! When I said this name aloud the waiter tried to speak with me in Italian!

I like these weekends so much, I hope the town continues the closures even after the quarantine is over.

I am learning to edit videos and could not resist playing with it!

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