Shelter in Place

We are in the third week of our confinement. (Coronavirus epidemics, whole world is turned upside down and most of it is staying home right now to try to flatten the curve.)

People are divided into having too much time on their hands, and those who have no time at all. I am not a superhuman who can do everything, as some of the people I know are, and as much as I wish, I don’t have time to paint. I know one lovely lady who in addition to being in the same position as I am (three school age kids, youngest 7), also manages to teach in online school full time!

Usually I paint when kids are in school. Most of the time on weekdays now I help my youngest to study. I cannot say I do such a marvelous job being a teacher. In addition, as an introvert, I need some quiet time to recharge which is in short supply now. I am very lucky this is the extent of my problems for now. There will be time to process and grieve our losses, but now we all need to make the most of the situation. On my personal level I hope my family will be able to adjust and I will carve out time to paint, as it’s my anchor, my balancing act.

I could paint if I was at the different stage of my painting. I started wide canvas of the lagoon on Central Coast, somewhere near Cambria where we hiked with friends during our last Autumn RV trip. For the last two weeks I am at the stage where it’s still mostly an underpainting. And it’s very hard to see what it ends up being, even in my mind’s eye. As Skip Cantwell said, my wonderful art teacher from Foothill College, 70% of the time your painting will look ugly, before it will actually start taking shape. If you don’t like what you see, it just means you have not worked on it long enough. You just have to push through it, have faith. I know now that I will get to that other side, but it’s still hard. I need to have those hours of time, when I can just do it, paint, go forward and believe it will come together.

Of course, if I am interrupted roughly every three minutes, all the concentration, this “right side of the brain” state goes out the window. Once I can see well, I can paint even in small chunks of time, but not yet for this painting. So this Sunday was my day. I ignored everyone and concentrated on the paint and canvas, and it was heavenly.

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