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I seriously need to catch up: this post is about Paint Pleasanton event which was in September of 2019!

Pleasanton Art League organizes plain air weekend with focus on Pleasanton once a year. This was my first venture into public painting, so I signed up with some trepidation. I generally paint slowly. What if I cannot finish in time? I have decided as long as I am doing it at all, I might as well paint on the Main street. I started on Friday evening choosing the corner right next to Studio 7: evening lights in front of Peet’s coffee square across the street attracted my attention.

It was challenging as light in the evening changes fast and then it gets quite dark, so I had to paint fast. The experience proved to be very interesting. I got more attention than I could wish for. Lots of people stopped by to chat, ask questions, take selfies with me and cheer me on. I even got encouraging yells from passing cars. I had a chance to tell people that they should look out or other artists painting outside this weekend, and come to the upcoming exhibition where all those paintings will be on display. I also told about Pleasanton Art League.

My family came by to keep me company. They discussed the painting, told me of other painters they saw who participated in the event, and my kids shared their ice cream with me.

I finished in about three hours, when it was quite dark. I have never pushed myself before to paint in acrylics so fast, so it was very valuable experience.

I did not think I would be up to it, but next morning at 7am I set up again, across brick building housing United Business Bank.

I chose it because it’s lovely, but lated looked for more information. I was surprised to find out that it’s real brick building (one of the three still standing), as opposed to wood-frame and it is Johnston Block constructed in 1896 by sheep rancher George Johnston of bricks made locally at Remillard Brick Company Pleasanton yard.

The early morning town was sleepy and quiet. I painted for a few hours but this subject for some reason proved to be more time consuming and I finished on Sunday morning, just in time to varnish, frame and bring both paintings to the exhibition in front of Museum on Main.

Pleasanton Plain air 2019

I was very impressed with the quality of paintings other artists produced in such a short period of time. Small crowd gathered in front of museum to look at the art.

A nice gentleman from Sonora who used to live in Pleasanton bought the Johnston Block painting, as it turned out it was his favourite building in town. He jokingly said that he always wanted to buy it, and now he owns it in my painting.

It’s quite an incredible feeling when your art resonates with people. I am very grateful for patronage of my buyers – thank you for giving my paintings new home, your home!

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