Hunderwasser museum

One of my absolutely favourite artists of all time is Hundertwasser. On my trip in Vienna I was lucky to visit his museum and see some of the buildings he designed and built.

It was fascinating to listen to audio guide and pieces of his speeches to try to understand what he was like. He was a very special person, an interesting combination of someone who can promote his ideas and at the same time very concentrated on working on them. His paintings and his design ideas are so rich.

One of his quotes: “Painting is religious activity.”

He said that he’s painting his dreams and every time when he’s done he’s surprised by what he sees. In his opinion an artist should be at least to some degree surprised to see the result of his work. When he’s done he just looks there after dreaming and sees finished painting.

He saw spiral as an emblem for life itself, winding, repeating, but never quite coming to the same place. And his spirals would not be even, of course, but undulating, organic, live.

He was a rebel. Some of his ideas are that strait lines are unnatural and should be avoided in design. He saw the design as organic and close to nature. His floors are uneven, his buildings embrace curvy, wavy lines similar to what one might see in nature.

Hunderwasser believed in minimalist life and rich design. He had tree tenants in his buildings to provide beauty and fresh air. Some of his designs incorporated grass roofs and buildings hidden in the hills.

His windows had individual rights – his idea was that they should be as diverse as people living behind them.

His architectural designs are a feast. I love them, but can easily imagine people who would hate them. What I cannot see is someone staying indifferent.

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