In Yellowstone

Acrylic on canvas, 30″x40″, painted around the edge.

We love going into backcountry in Yellowstone. Hot springs flow into the shallow river and you can walk in and float there with cool river water on your left and warm water from hot springs mixing in on your right side.

In the back low caldera mountains frame the horizon and the bright sun lights the clouds. Distant geysers send puffs of vapor into the pearl colors of the sky.

As I frequently include people in my landscapes, in the distance there is a couple crossing the stream, helping each other. Away from the crowds in their own solitude and connection with nature.

In the foreground the center of attention is one of the colorful hot springs that Yellowstone is famous for. It has deep blue-green color, framed by white salts and seems so bottomless as if it goes right to the center of the Earth.


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