If I was a writer, I would write fairy tales. As an artist, I paint stories, memories, impressions, fuse real and imaginary.

As I go through my days, I frequently stop to notice beautiful places and moments. World is full of them. Every morning I bike with my children to their schools, and, as the seasons and weather change, I stop to wonder: fog is rolling through the meadow in the park, or autumn bright leaves reflect in rain puddles. Framed by a porch light and flowers door looks a little like portal to fairy tale. Candle flame reflects in wine glasses, creates small room or warmth and quiet conversation.

There are a myriad of those moments and places, sometimes around me, sometimes remembered, that inspire me to put them on canvas. They are always fleeting: changing light, smile of a child. They make it worth living for me, and I try to share all this magic with others by painting it.

I think the ability to appreciate, to fully stay in those small moments is an important source of happiness. I do not want to wait for the grand views in excotic places to enjoy how beautiful the world is. I do it everyday and invite my viewers to do it with me.

I grew up in Ukraine and for four years attended City Art School, a wonderful program where we spent many hours drawing, painting, and learning art history. For years after that I have been returning to drawing regularly as my anchor, while being a graduate computer science student, a working engineer, then becoming a mom. But in 2010 I finally identified the nagging feeling of something amiss and went back to college for evening painting courses.  Now I am making drawing and painting my habit, constant theme in life. Acrylics are wonderful paints I am using most often, but also I love watercolor, pens and pastels.

Leta Eydelberg